5 Tips for Researching Your Next Holiday

Whether it’s out of curiosity or excitement, many of us love to look into potential holidays and destinations. Don’t hesitate – treat yourself to a spot of travel, but keep these five tips in mind when researching your next trip.  Be sure to click on the pink links for more tips!

Think about the time of year

One major factor to take into account is the time of year you want to go away. Are you looking for a typical summer holiday, or a reprieve from the freezing cold by going away in the winter months? Look into the best time to visit potential destinations in order to plan it around your own schedule. Another reason to look into different times of the year is the pricing. Flights, accommodations and even all-inclusive holiday packages can drop in price during off-peak times, and so it may be best to avoid the half terms and summer holidays to save a lot of money.

Consider going with others

Why not get a group of friends and travel together? When seeing the world, you’ll find your experience is enhanced when you have your closest pals to share it with.

Try and organize a time that everyone is free and head out on an adventure –there’ll be no Instagram envy if you’re seeing the world’s offerings together.

The Secret Traveller also recommends travelling with others in order to save money. Splitting fees on everything from accommodations and food all the way through to taxis and transport means you’ll be paying a lot less than you would if you were going it alone.

Research your accommodation choices

It’s another incredibly important part of the holiday –are you looking to live a life of luxury during your stay or are you planning on doing some hostel hopping? You’re going to want to look into the accommodation choices wherever you’re planning to stay, especially if you’ve got special requirements.

For example, if you’re travelling with family you’ll need a hotel that has adequate amenities, as well as entertainment and activities that appeal to the little ones. If you’re trying to save money, look into local hostels –or maybe even couch surf. Many locals across the world have opened their doors to travellers needing a cheap place to stay. According to TalkTalkbnb, staying with locals is the next big thing in travel.

Look into visiting more than one destination

Why limit yourself to seeing just one part of the world? Look into routes beginning from your chosen destination that will take you to other places, too. Be strategic with flight times and routes through certain countries and you’ll find travelling won’t break the bank.

There are certain travel routes in the world that are renowned with experienced tourists –consider backpacking the Patagonian Andes in South America to see both Argentina and Chile, or see Southeast Asia while using Thailand as a base. Ask around once you’ve arrived to see where to head next, and you might even find a travel buddy.

Learn about the local culture

Once you’ve decided on your destination, make sure you brush up on your knowledge. Look into the local customs, religion, practices and culture so you can prepare for any potential interactions and activities you take part in once you’ve arrived.

You’ll have to be aware of local laws and regulations, too, so you don’t run into any trouble – and some of them are strange! Did you know, for example, that it’s illegal to chew gum in Singapore? And some rules aren’t laws per se, but they do still need to be obeyed. Take Thailand, where you’ll have to make sure you’re taking your shoes off before entering certain buildings, as the country’s spirituality holds the belief that feet carry bad energy.

How do you research your holidays? Share your experiences with us.


Thank you Ivy Oliver for this Guest Post and sharing some great tips!



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  1. Great guest post and tips on saving money when researching your next holiday! I like to travel right before season or right when off season begins. Thanks for sharing! #feetdotravel

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