Top 5 Coolest Central Neighborhoods in Sydney

Are you looking for a way to experience a true soul of Sydney? I know I was fascinated with this city when I was in Australia. There are so many things to see and, regardless of how long you stay or how many times you visit, there is always something new to do and experience. Sydney consists of so many different neighborhoods, all of them offering something authentic and worth seeing. If you’d like to explore this city a bit deeper, take a look at these cool Sydney neighborhoods.


This is a young suburb that has recently become the go-to place for shopping in Sydney. If you’d like to shop for clothes or souvenirs, this is the place to do it. Another thing Chatswood is famous for is its awesome Asian restaurants. My personal favorite was Hakata-Maru Ramen. They have a vast variety of food on the menu; everything is delicious; and their ramen is to die for.

Bondi Beach

You have probably heard of Bondi Beach if you have talked to anyone who has visited Australia. Perhaps it’s the most popular beach in Sydney and there is a reason for it. Besides the amazing sand and waves that are excellent for surfing, this beach is packed with celebrities so much that people hardly even react when they see one. Of course, this is fun for tourists as it’s a very unique opportunity to see famous people doing anything regular people do – lying on the beach, eating and surfing.


Randwick is a great place to relax and connect with nature, whether you’d like to walk around parks, play golf, or just hike and enjoy the scenery. You can take a walk on Henry Head Walking Track because the view from there is breathtaking. After you get tired from all the activities, go to Wylie’s Baths. This place consists of three natural salt water swimming pools, which will definitely take all your stress away and leave you more relaxed than you’ve ever been. You can find some great options for Randwick accommodation and stay more than one day in this amazingly active neighborhood.



With its dynamic past full of crime, sex and drugs, Darlinghurst has recently risen up to be very enticing to tourists from all around the world. It is filled with eccentric bars where people go for cocktails any day of the week. I visited Eau de Vie, which completely blew my mind away. It is a bit pricey, but you cannot expect otherwise when you visit an elegant jazzy place such as this one. Another famous event in this neighborhood is the annual Mardi Gras parade that gathers a huge number of people every time.


Darling Harbour

This area is wildly popular for tourists for one reason – a fireworks display over the harbor. It happens every week from May to October. This is why you should plan your trip in a way not to miss this extraordinary event. If you are a true fan of fireworks, you should visit for New Year’s Eve because this fireworks display will utterly stun you.


Now that you have some information on Sydney’s suburban areas, it’s time for you to plan a trip and pack your bags. Even if you have seen Sydney before, you definitely haven’t seen it this way. I find new environments very exciting. Every time I travel, I visit the mainstream spots, but I always leave room for exploring the unknown in a foreign country. It’s fun and everyone should do it. It will give your trip that unique signature nobody else has.


Thank you to Marie for this guest post!

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Marie Nieves is a lifestyle blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and to surf the Internet. Her favorite writer is Tracy Chevalier and she always carries one of her books in her bag. She is an avid lover of photography who loves to talk about her experiences. You can find Marie on Facebook or follow her on Twitter and Pinterest or HighStyLife where she is a regular author.

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  1. Great list, Sydney has so much more to offer beyond the CBD. I’m quite fond of the area down near Cronulla as its quite laid-back and there are some national parks close by. Yet, my trips to Sydney do tend to gravitate towards Darling Harbour and the Rocks.

  2. Very nice neighborhoods indeed. We love the nice mix of the rustic and the ultramodern. And that beach looks veeeeery tempting. 🙂 We would like to visit these places if given the chance. 🙂

  3. Great post on these neighbourhoods. Hubby hails from Sydney and took me around Darling Harbour. It was a great place full of things to do and amazing restaurants. I love the tree in your Darlinghurst section! flowered and beautiful.

  4. Sounds like Sydney has some spectacular areas to visit. I wouldn’t mind taking a dip in the Wylie’s Baths. Or head to Bondi Beach for a relaxing day in the sun. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Sydney looks like an awesome place to live! I know a few people who have relocated to Australia and they all chose Sydney. It’s easy to see why 🙂 Everyone raves about Bondi Beach; we’ love to visit one day along with Darling Harbour!

  6. All of these neighborhoods would be fun to visit! Randwick looks like a fun neighborhood with cute streets. As someone who has never visited Sydney, this is helpful to understand the city better!

  7. Wow Sydney is beautiful! Bondi Beach would be my favorite from your post due to the beach. Then Randwick because of nature and the scenery. One day I will check Sydney off my bucket list. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I’m planning to visit Australia within the next two years – this post will be very helpful when planning out my stop in Sydney. Of most interest to me is Randwick and Wylie’s Baths! Wouldn’t complain about visiting Bondi Beach either – I am a bit of a beach bum after all. Great, succinct roundup of what the city has to offer 🙂

  9. I love being near thw water so I would love to visit Bondi Beach and Darling Harbor. Sounds like the fireworks in the Harbor are not to be missed. Darlinghirst also looks like a super cool and trendy place to hang out at night. Thanks!

  10. Wow! I never thought all these neighborhoods would be so architecturally different! Never been to Sidney and the image I had in my had was this classy picture of Sidney´s Opera and the harbour and of course, lots of skyscrapers! Glad to see and read about the other faces of this amazing city!

  11. Sydney is my hometown and these are all great places, although I’d chuck in Redfern, Chippendale, Ultimo and Glebe too. Not to be controversial either, but I don’t much like Bondi!

  12. Thanks Marie (and Lisa!) for sharing some great tips about Sydney! Thanks to you, we discovered 2 new areas to visit next time we go to Sydney. At the moment we are in South America for at least 6months but we plan to go back to Australia so your post was pretty useful! Thanks again! Partrick & Cecile from

  13. Great post and some great tips on seeing Sydney beyond the touristy spots. I’ve been many times but have still not managed some of the areas you mention! Definitely next time!

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