Grand Teton National Park Autumn Activities

Autumn is a great time to visit our National Parks. The crowds are smaller and the weather is cooler. Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming is an excellent place to take advantage of the outdoor activities this time of year. Over 300,000 acres encompassing the Teton Mountain Range.



The leaves are changing and there is a crispness in the air. The aspens are all in amber flutter. Through the fall time you can still take advantage of horseback riding, hiking, rafting down the Snake River, fishing, camping, hot air ballooning, and wildlife viewing  (most activities run through October and some into November). You can see plenty of elk, moose, deer,  and even bears trying to fatten up before their long hibernation. Great for us bird watchers too!  All with fabulous views of the majestic Teton Mountain Range.




The area districts each have tons of activities waiting for you, Moose District, Jenny Lake District, Colter Bay District, and Laurance S Rockefeller Preserve, all with wonderful hiking trails, waterfalls, pristine lakes, and mountains. The Visitor Centers and Ranger Stations are your go to places to get all the information you will need for the areas, especially any road closures.

There are many lodging choices throughout the park or camp of you prefer. Teton Village is just south of the park and offers lodging, dining, and shopping. I particularly like the Alpenhof Lodge. A European style inn with cozy rooms, some with fireplaces and balconies. Lovely restaurant with great food and wine.

Teton Village is also where you can catch the tram ride that will take you up to Rendezvous Peak (10,450 feet) in the Teton Range. Hiking trails and fabulous views await you at the top.



There are so many fun activities to do here you won’t get bored. I try to take advantage of as many of the activities as I can when I’m visiting but, I’m an avid hiker so that ‘s what will take up most of my time (especially around Jenny Lake).  I love getting up close and personal with the wildlife. I do take time for rafting on the Snake River and horseback riding and if you have never been on a hot air balloon, this is a must and a perfect place to try it!

Each of our National Parks is unique and has its own beauty and Teton National Park is no exception. Simply breathtaking whatever time of the year you visit!


Checkout the Teton National Park website for more info on fun activities, lodging options and who to contact:


A few suggested sites for all activities & hot air balloon rides:


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  1. The landscape is spectacular and the autumn season seems to have bathed the place with a freshness. There seems to be magic in the air. The mountains look awesome. A great promise of a wonderful experience in the lap of nature.

    1. Hi Patrick & Cecile…So jealous on the year of traveling! This is a great NP to visit, lots of activities. I will be following your adventures!

  2. Oh Lisa this is stunning! I love the photos and really enjoyed reading about another beautiful national park. I really need to head over to that side of the world to see these!

  3. OMG, we didn’t know about Rendezvous Peak and that there is a tram that takes you up there! It is also different to see the Tetons white with snow! We went during summer.

    1. Hi Carol…They are beautiful whenever you visit for sure. The tram is very busy in winter for skiers but fall time is a great time to go up.

    1. Sometimes people drive right through (going to Yellowstone) without stopping and enjoying all that the Tetons have to offer. You will love it!

  4. Gorgeous! I grew up in the Rocky Mountains, so this was a nice trip down memory lane. The Tetons are serious mountains, and the area is stunningly beautiful. Planning on visiting Jackson Hole next year – can’t wait! Alpenhof, here we come!

    1. I Rob…Thank you I’m so glad you enjoyed the post. It is spectacular for sure. Stop by Teton Village as well I love the quaintness of the Alpenhof Lodge with all the Bavarian details. Have a great visit!

  5. Your photos are so gorgeous! Autumn is my favorite season. And national parks are some of my favorite places to visit. Would love to see the Grand Teton National Park someday.

  6. Ah the great outdoors! Not had chance to visit this stunning place yet but by the photos you have posted I can see that its my kind of place. Add to my list of national parks to see!

  7. I’d heard Grand Teton was beautiful and these photos definitely prove it. Just that jagged outline of the mountains is captivating. Also, how cool that you saw moose, that’s one animal I’d love to see in the wild. I love that you keep showing me more places I need to go in the States. #FeetDoTravel

    1. Thanks so much…I loved seeing moose,deer,bears, and other wildlife while I was there. It’s all beautiful, hope you can visit one day.

  8. Amazing photos Lisa, I feel like Ive been on a little journey with your post! The Grand Teton National Park looks incredibly beautiful! would love to see it one day! thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Garth & Phil…Thanks so really is quite a unique National try to see it when you visit the US, you guys will love it!

  9. Finally somewhere I’ve been to! It’s an absolutely stunning National Park and I wish we got to spend more time there but driving through it was incredible. Rafting on the Snake River was (and still is) one of the highlights of my trip even though the water was absolutely freezing! Would have loved to hike like you have but there is always next time! Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Lexx….The rafting was so much fun. I loved all the hiking and horseback riding too. Just a great park to do whatever you want!

  10. Lisa, Love the stunning pictures and activities there are to do at the Grand Teton National Park. Looks like amazing hiking trails. I bet the best time is in autumn with the leaves change colors. This is on my bucket list for my trip around to the National Parks. I will definitely pin this for later. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Absolutely stunning scenery, your photographs are amazing! You are right, the lodges are so European, I love them and can see why you like Alpenhof Lodge! So much to do in the area as well – great place to visit! Thanks for the info.

  12. Lisa, I love this post! GTNP is close to my heart and in my backyard, so maybe I’m a little biased, but you did a great job of capturing the beauty of it, as well as the great activities in the area!

    1. Hi Jennifer…Thanks you so much…I adore our National Parks especially this one! We’ll definitely have to exchange tips on this one for sure.

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