Kenai Fjords National Park

On one of my trips to Alaska it was a must for me to visit the Kenai Fjords National Park. This National Park covers over 587,000 acres.  I decided on the 7.5 hour small cruise tour that would take me up close and personal with glaciers, abundant wildlife, including a pod of nine Orca whales, and some of the most breathtaking scenery Alaska has to offer. This cruise allowed me to see remote parts of the park.

Instead of trying to explain the sheer beauty I experienced I’ll let my pictures do the talking for me.  The hours flew by quickly on this tour, too fast.  You see so much wildlife with every mile. The all day cruise tours will give you a very nice lunch of Salmon or Prime Rib. Fresh caught Alaskan Salmon tastes like none other in the lower 48 states. You can pick up your half day or full day cruise from Seward in the Kenai Peninsula. For my cruise I opted for Major Marine Tours. There are several other tour companies available as well.


Our cruise begins through Resurrection Bay passing by Cape Resurrection with sightings of humpback whales, otters, Dall’s porpoises, and picturesque hidden coves. Heading down to the rocky Chiswell Islands to see millions of nesting birds of many varieties such as horned puffins, cormorants, and guillemots.  Great views of endangered Stellar Sea Lions sunning themselves on the rocks.


The cruise will take you close to BearHolgate and Aialik Glaciers.  I witnessed the glaciers calving, huge chunks of ice breaking away. Such an eerie sound.  As you cruise along the rugged coastline you will see mountain goats and tons of bald eagles.


On the way back from the Chiswell Islands we spotted a pod of nine Orca Whales, 5 adults and four calves, just magnificent!  They pod came right next our boat. Then we watched as the adult whales pushed the calves away.

The beautiful scenery and wildlife are Alaska at its finest. The continual backdrop of stunning mountains from start to finish just enhances this journey. So whichever route you choose,  booking a cruise, flight seeing, or even kayaking this is one National Park not to be missed while visiting Alaska.

Exit Glacier is also part of the National Park. It is the only area that is accessible by a road. Just north of Seward off Herman Leirer Road.  You can walk up close to this glacier and do some hiking on several trails here. Harding IceField Trail is about 8 miles and very strenuous but, the views at the top are worth every mile!


*****All pictures taken by Simple Sojourner.



  • Most of the all day cruises are summer only. A few of the shorter cruises will run into October.
  • The 8 hour cruises will try to add additional glacier viewing.
  • Lunch is included in the price of your trip. Beer, wine, and snacks are available for purchase.
  • Alternatives to a cruise are flight-seeing and kayaking
  • Bring a jacket, although the temps were around 78F,  it gets chilly on the open waters

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  1. These photos are so dreamy! Wow what a stunning location and what a special experience to see the orcas. Great article 🙂

  2. These pics are stunning!! Kenai fjords are high on my list of places to visit in Alaska. Thanks for sharing this beautiful experience!

  3. The photos are stunning. My best friend has done the Alaskan Cruise and she loved it, I prefer somewhere warmer but feel like I must do this one day.

  4. Wow what incredible pictures! Alaska is high on our bucket list. What an experience seeing hump back whales and the orca whales getting so close to your boat too!!

  5. What a stunning experience to see the Orkas so close to you. We hope to be able to visit Alaska and Kanada’s National Parks this year but our first visa hasn’t been granted without reasoning. Will have to try again … such a waste of money and time.

  6. Even snow, which I am not fond of, looks great in Alaska! I hope to witness the glaciers calving with my own eyes one day! Seeing the Orca must have been a delight!

  7. Your Alaska posts always show me somewhere new and fascinating and definitely make me want to visit. So much going on there, from Exit Glacier to seeing all that wildlife to just being out on the water. Looks serene and magical. I imagine the sound of the glaciers really would have been quite eerie, I’ve never heard it in person.

  8. I’ve always found Alaska fascinating, so far away from everything but with so many amazing landscapes to discover! I’d love to join this cruise and enjoy the beautiful views, your photos are just stunning!

  9. Alaska must be very special place. Your post is very detailed with helpful tips. I love your pictures. I especially liked the fact that you spotted a pod of nine Orca Whales. I think not all travellers are so lucky. Thanks for sharing! Happy New year!

  10. Alaska is so beautiful! Your photos leave me in awe! My cousin worked up in Ketchikan for a summer, so we were lucky to head up there to visit once. I wish we would have made more time to see more of the state, because you just can’t get that kind of beauty elsewhere. I’m hoping one day to make it back again!

  11. That looks fabulous! Alaska was always one of the places I always wanted to go! Your photos looks really good! I would love to take that hike!

  12. I have never been to Alaska before even though I have been to the US many times before. Also I have never seen a Glacier before and would love to see one. All your photos make me want to do a cruise there the next time I visit.

  13. I’m a bit obsessed with National Parks and this one looks absolutely amazing! Alaska has been on my list for a while now. Hopefully I can make it happen soon and when I do, Kenai will absolutely be on my list of must visit places!

  14. I am ready to pack my bags and visit the Kenai Fjords National Park. I would love to do the full day cruise to see all the wildlife I can. Your pictures are stunning and I definitely pinned this for later. You information will be helpful for my trip to Alaska. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  15. Sea Lions, orcas, and glaciers! Oh my! What a great experience it must have been. It’s time I make a trip to Alaska. I’ll just have to wear everything I owe because I get cold verryy easily.

  16. This is a bucket list experience for me! My goodness how absolutely gorgeous are your photographs!!! I really really want to do this even more now!! Alaska is somewhere I have wanted to visit for a long time!

  17. Wow!!! I’ve never seen a glacier with my own eyes and I really have to visit a snow capped mountain soon… This place looks phenomenal. The pristine white is just ethereal. You were definitely fortunate to have spotted the whales!

  18. This is incredible! This summer I went to Iceland and the landscapes were breathtaking! I believe Alaska is the second place in this world that could equally(or more) impress me… Love your pictures…nature is the best decorator!

  19. Goodness me Lisa, your photos are spectacular and I cannot believe you not only saw humpbacks but a pod of orcas as well as all the other amazing animal life too numerous to mention! That a life-changing excursion this was! We really want to visit Alaska, the landscape is truly stunning and you really do it justice so thank you so much for sharing all this informtion, pinned for the future when we visit! #feetdotravel

  20. WOW! How lucky were you to see the orcas and all the wild animals! The scenery is absolutely stunning and to me 7,5 hours is a full on day trip ha! I would love to do that once I get to go to see that part of the world! Love your photography too!

  21. One day WE WILL visit Alaska, I’ve always wanted to go, especially after visiting Greenland this year and witnessing Ice calvings up close. It just looks spectacular! your photos are great, thanks for sharing, have bookmarked this for the future and will pin it too!

  22. We would love to visit Alaska, looks such a beautiful destination. Thanks for this information, we have pinned it for future reference. #feetdotravel

  23. Wow! Love the scenes…. to witness the waterfall in real must be mesmerizing! Sounds of chunks of ice breaking away… so thrilling! I am keen to take cruise there now.

  24. Wow, what incredible photography! Thank you for sharing. Alaska has been on my travel bucket list for awhile, but I haven’t thought too much about where specifically I’d like to go there – I definitely want to go to Kenaji Fjords National Park now!

  25. This looks so stunning, nature in its pure majesty! Some of these shots remind me a lot to landscapes in Iceland and even some to Switzerland with its beautiful mountains. How did it feel when the Orca whales came so close to your boat – was it frightening? Anyway, this trip really seems to be something very special, thank you a lot for your inspiration!

    1. It was definitely a travel highlight. Looking forward to visiting Iceland to compare. The Orcas were so exciting to see that close!!

  26. Simply wow..Just incredible and the scenery is just breathtaking. Love that you can spot so much wildlife and get up close to the glaciers. Alaska has been calling me for a while and I think it would definitely be in the category of a “Trip of a Lifetime”

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