Butterflies and Birds in Key West

To say that Key West, Florida is eclectic is an understatement!  Quirky is fun and endless margaritas while watching breathtaking sunsets. Just kickback and relax or stay busy with all the outdoor activities you can handle. There is one place that is somewhat off the beaten path that I love to visit,  The Key West Butterfly  & Nature Conservatory on South Duval Street.

There are over 50 species of butterflies and over 20 exotic bird species against a tropical backdrop of beautiful exotic host plants, flowers, and trees.  It’s a great place to learn while be mesmerized by all the beauty of the butterflies and the antics of the birds prancing in the trees.


The Learning Center guides you through the butterfly/caterpillar life process and their role in the ecosystem, with a short film and exhibits.  Then you leisurely stroll through a menagerie of gorgeous winged creatures in the enclosed habitat. Before you know it, you may have a rainbow of color sitting on your shoulder or clinging to your arm.  The birds can put on quite a display while singing and flying all around you.  I could watch them for hours, and I think I did. They are all amazing little creatures to observe.


Before you leave be sure to visit the gift shop with its many unique butterfly and nature styled gifts. The butterfly art gallery, Wings of Imagination, boasts of original works of art unlike any other you will see, many are available for purchase.

This is a great place to bring the kids and let them learn while exploring.  I never miss a chance to visit the Conservatory when I’m in Key West.

For more info: http://www.keywestbutterfly.com/

Tips: Photography is not allowed in the gallery area.


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  1. I really love butterflies, especially the different patterns on their wings. I’m really good at photographing them though.. You really have a good eye for that!

  2. This looks like a great place and an awesome educational experience for the kids (and fun too). I love how such centers combine fun with conservation efforts. Also I love the blue bird, do you happen to know which one it is?

  3. Lovely photos! I went to Key West for my birthday a few years ago but didn’t get to visit the Butterfly & Nature Conservatory! I will make it a point to visit next time!

  4. Wow, God truly created some beautiful creatures. That’s interesting that the butterflies eaten those bananas like that, great article lisa

  5. So beautiful! You have a really great eye for capturing great photos. This place looks like once you enter it, all your worldly troubles will just melt away because you’re surrounded by such natural beauties.

    1. It really is a nice excursion away from the normal hustle & bustle of Key West. Hope you can visit next time, I think you two will enjoy it!

  6. The pictures are really stunning. The butterflies look so beautiful. As a kid I was really fascinated by Caterpillars and butterflies. What I was always puzzled about was how ugly looking caterpillars metamorphosed into colourful and beautiful butterflies.

  7. Great photos, looks like you got really close! Me and Phil would love to visit Key West one day! have added this to my bookmarks, I love tropical plants and flowers too 🙂

    1. Thanks Garth & Phil…the butterflies actually land on you..so cool. You two will love Key West..its a blast, check their monthly calendar out for themed events.

  8. Birds and butterflies are two of my favorite things. Your photos are gorgeous. I love the light blue bird with the black throat. Do you know what that one is called? I should look it up.

  9. Wow, very colourful indeed. Not something I would associated with Florida or Key West, so thanks for sharing. My grandmother would love this place. #FeetDoTravel

  10. Being a life-long Jimmy Buffett fan, I have always had an interest in Key West but have never heard of the Butterfly Conservatory. I can add it to my wishlist of things to do in Key West (and maybe help convice my wife to take the trip there since she isn’t such a big Buffett fan.)

  11. Oh Lisa, I have to confess that this is my favourite post of yours … I adore butterflies! They are so alien looking yet their wings are stunningly beautiful! I love photographing them and very much enjoyed looking at your photos – plus you have my favourite flower here (the frangipani/plumeria)

    1. Hi Angie…thanks so much, I to love birds & butterflies. I never get tired of watching and photographing them. I love this conservatory,it has alot in a smaller area so you get personal close up & personal.

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