Maple Sugaring in Ohio

The trees have been tapped and the sap collected.  It’s time to process the sap into golden delicious syrup.  During the month of March, in areas all over Ohio, you can watch the process of making maple syrup.  I visited Lake Metroparks Farmpark in Kirtland,Ohio to get a glimpse of this process and of course, taste a few samples.

In the main maple sugaring building you watch how the process takes place with modern equipment and then outside you can witness the old-fashioned way of making syrup. Once the sap is boiled down it will be bottled or made into candy, approximately  22 gallons of sap will yield about a half-gallon of syrup.  The maple syrup color can vary as well as the sweetness depending at which point in the season the syrup was produced. 

I was pleasantly surprised when I tasted coffee made from maple syrup, it was smooth and dark with just a hint of maple flavor.  Then, there is the candy, sweet and intense. You can purchase a jug or a beautiful glass designed maple leaf of syrup to take home after all your sampling. As hard as our winters can be in Ohio, it’s nice to know there’s a sweet spot!

***Video shows the Old fashioned way of maple sugaring.


TIP: Maple Sugaring will go on through the month of March all over the state and on the weekends at Lake Metroparks Farmpark, for more Info:










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  1. I had no idea how maple syrup was made, the short video illustrates well the old fashioned method. When I reach for the maple syrup for my pancake I’ll now have some clue where it came from!

  2. This returns me my sugar craving now I feel like ditching my diet plan and bingeing on the maple syrup I have at home. Ohio is now one of the favourite places in my list that I must visit for the Maple sugar rush!

  3. This is awesome! I didn’t know how maple syrup was made so this was so interesting, I love the glass maple leaf bottle and would definitely be interested in trying the coffee! Thanks for sharing this with us! #feetdotravel

  4. That is really cool and I would love to visit this place as I love maple syrup! I was literally just having pancakes and could really have done with some! Maple syrup coffee also sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing

  5. How fascinating to see the process of making maple syrup, I had no idea. Looks like you had a good visit to the farm especially getting to try samples!

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