Sweeties Candy Store in Cleveland, Ohio

Have you ever just wanted to be a kid in a candy store? At B. A. Sweetie Candy Company and Soda Shoppe you can experience the largest candy store in America.  Just on the outskirts of Cleveland, Ohio is a 40,000-square foot warehouse chock full of every flavor and color candy you can imagine.

The Sweetie Candy Company has just about every brand of candy available with over 4,500 varieties. So, if you’re looking for something different or maybe an old fashion favorite you can get it all here. Have a large event coming up, no problem they can accommodate large volumes.

When you first walk in Sweeties you see the whimsical display of candy characters and piñatas hanging from the ceiling. You walk pass the soda aisle with over 200 different flavors in glass bottles.

I love wandering the aisles and seeing candy from years ago, it brings back great memories. But, they also carry brands I’m not familiar with, so it’s fun to try something new.  The large bags of brightly colored M&M’s and bubble gum to an entire wall of Pez dispensers. Lollipops, candy bars, and chocolate galore.


I’ll admit I probably buy more than I should but, it’s so much fun it’s easy to get caught up in it all. I’ve never seen so many flavors of jelly beans ever!  I love watching all the children as they walk around in sheer amazement. The looks on their faces are just too precious!  Then they have to decide on what to get, no easy feat here.

The new Sweeties Soda Shoppe is now open with a fun farm style décor complete with tractor seat chairs, chicken coops hanging from the ceiling and swing seats that the kids and grandparents enjoy.

The menu includes sundaes, malts, shakes, parfaits, smoothies, and cones.  Homemade syrups, ice creams, hot fudge and whip cream are all made with fresh local ingredients. They also have a self-serve frozen yogurt and custard with over 36 different toppings of your choosing.

We tried a triple chocolate parfait and can I tell you this was outstanding! They can pretty much make whatever combination of ice cream dish you want.

So, after you have finished touring all things Cleveland or if you’re just passing through Ohio, go off the beaten path a little and explore the country’s largest candy store. It truly is a candy wonderland!


TIP: During the summer months, Sweeties Golfland, their mini golf course is open next door making this a fantastic family outing stop.


Location: Sweeties Candy Store @ 6770 Brookpark Road | Cleveland, Ohio 44129-1225 (this is just off Hwy 480).







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  1. Wow it’s like the IKEA of sweets! So many delicious looking things – this would be like the ultimate torture for me as I can’t eat sweets but I would browse and take all the smells in! Awesome idea and exactly the type of place idea for a roadtrip stop!

  2. Oh my god! I would love to go to a shop like this! Even though I am trying to limit my sugar consumption, I would most likely try to get a bit of everything. And that ice cream shop sounds and look amazing too! I might have to go to the shop now to get some lollies..

  3. Holy wow. We have a candy store in MN (the largest in the state) that we visited for the first time in October. I remember walking through and feeling like a child again … except this time with some self-discipline not to grab everything off the shelf. I don’t know if I’d have had that discipline here, though! This place looks HUGE! Oh my goodness. It’s a warehouse full of sugar! If we’re ever in Cleveland, we’ll have to stop by just to oogle at all the different flavors of candy. Yum! <3

    Great post! Thanks for sharing. I had no idea this place existed until now. How fun!

  4. Wow, a place like this exists? That’s a lot of sugar! Must be tough as a parent with your kids here but a little bit of that ice cream would be nice 🙂

  5. My oh my, what a truly faboulous store! I would be the size of a house if this place was near me – I love sweets/cancy and have a terrible sweet tooth. I love a bit of nostalgia as well so the old sweets/candy would appeal to me for sure – I hope they have shopping trolleys here and not just little baskets 🙂 #feetdotravel

  6. Now this is Heaven On Earth! I admire your ability to control yourself in this store. I would have definitely ended up with 20 pounds more if I was there! Great photos!

  7. Would so love to spend time here…not good for the pocket or waistline but what a fab day out that would be!

  8. wow this place must be like sugar in wonderland. always keep the child in you alive. enjoy every bit of it. its okay to splurge as long we as we can keep the fun in us intact.

  9. Wow. Wow. Wow. My kids cannot see this. Oh wait, my inner kid did. That Sundae…. Thank you for the post, I will have to put it down as a destination for when we go to Cleveland.

  10. Thats cool, I am wondering if someone was ever counting all the calories that are combined there 🙂
    Looks really nice and obviously not only a place for kids, this could be some kind of paradise for everyone!
    Thanks for sharing, definitely something, when we will visit Cleveland.

  11. Over 200 different types of Soda! wow that is amazing.
    Your photos have really made me crave sweets however there is something else that grabbed my attention too. The bench in one of your photos. Lovely!
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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